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All the Teaching Time Apps are now available as part of iR Online or as standalone Apps for iPads and Tablets.

Telling Time

iR Telling Time 

iR Telling Time provides an intuitive and engaging way for children to learn to read the time. Different levels provide the opportunity to:

- set the analogue clock to the given time in words, including 'half past' and 'quarter to/past'

- set the analogue clock to the given 24 hour time.

- choose either 5 or 1 minute intervals.

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Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock

With six levels of difficulty, Stop the Clock will aid the teaching and learning of time for those aged 5 to 11+.

Based on our popular www.teachingtime.co.uk game, we have completely redesigned and enhanced this activity, combined six games into one, and added high score tables!

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